Our Commitment to the Environment

Being the first encapsulation company to hold ISO 9001:2015 and 14001 environmental certification we take very seriously our environmental impact, this includes footprint as well as landfill. We try to be as proactive rather than reactive as possible to the environmental issues which allows us to put our customers minds at rest that we are offering them the best solution possible.

The path that Spectrum has taken to get as close as possible to an environmentally friendly card currently available, that allows us to develop the components or replace with improved materials as they are developed. We have been working with our UK suppliers for a number of years to constantly improve the materials that we use. In addition to this we have reduced the footprint of our cards when agreed with customers to replace the gloss material on the signature side of the card with a material that is writable without the need for a signature panel which eliminates a process to reduce the manufacturing footprint.

So the good news is that you would be using a card that you can be assured is produced with the environment in mind, as well as fit for purpose and economical.

Polyester vs PVC

Polyester is the greenest material currently available for practical plastic card use, especially
when compared to PVC. Polyester plastic is much kinder to the environment when placed in
landfill as it does not give off any nasty or harmful toxins as with PVC cards. Polyester also
breaks down in the ground much quicker, although whilst in use is actually more durable
than PVC.

We believe in moving towards a circular system where we keep plastic in the economy instead of relying on single use plastics that are then discarded such as plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda, water bottles and most food packaging.

Our plastic cards have a biodegradable core and are intended to last for many years.

We continue to work closely with one of the UK’s leading recycling, resource and
waste management companies – click below to find out more.