Mirrored reverse cards

Inspired by the Superdrug loyalty card Spectrum Print and Plastics has just manufactured a very ‘glam’ card for PSP publishing, featuring a mirror on the reverse of a plastic card.

Using a mirror ink, screen printed on to a clear polyprop substrate, the card is really effective and an added bonus for trade customers wishing to order is that there is no minimum order quantity, unlike other mirror card options on the market.

At a cost of about 50p per item the card can be used as a very cool promotional item, unique business card, Christmas card or potentially within the cosmetics industry for POS or advertising.

Kath Doran, MD at Spectrum Print & Plastics says:

“The mirror ink worked fantastically well and the ‘girls day out’ promotional card was a real hit with our customer. I’ve had a great response from other customers too who like the idea of something new and different. We first used metallic inks two years ago, the gold and bronze were a real hit last Christmas, and this mirror card is just the next new product that’s come through our development pipeline. Watch this space for more innovative items soon! ”

To find out more contact Spectrum Print & Plastics:

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