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We all agree the IPIA conference is a great way to collaborate, talk to potential new customer & suppliers and generally enjoy a good night out but Spectrum Print & Plastics has taken it to a whole new level.

At the most recent conference the IPIA speaker, Peter Markey from RSA who represent More Than insurance, asked for questions at the end of his presentation. Harry, being Harry, cheekily asked who he should approach if he felt he had a good marketing idea for RSA. During the presentation Harry had realised this was a potential selling situation and started to come up with some innovative products that could be relevant for an insurance company… dog / cat or house key rings anyone? Peter advised he was the contact and needless to say Harry has spoken to Peter on several occasions and hoping to secure an order very soon.

Not satisfied with one conquest that evening, Kath then started to speak with other people in the venue’s bar. Guess what. She’s already got two new jobs out of that little chat. Who says it’s not all about networking hey!

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